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Pups are only held with a deposit, This is now $200 this is not refundable if you change your mind but can be transferred to another litter.


We want people to think and commit not make a meaningless order then not want the pup. We take orders when the bitch is pregnant as our pups are usually sold before they are born. Deposit is refundable if we are unable to supply the pup. We try extremely hard to match the pup to your circumstances, a border collie is more than markings! We have had many people order a pup without full family consultation..think carefully as our pups are precious. We spend much on producing a healthy pup and provnding you with the best puppy. Time wasters upset you and us. 


Terrabella pups are only available to the best of homes and on limited register. Limited register means that pups are not to be shown nor bred from but can participate in all obedience, agility, herding etc activities. We do not export to Asia.

We have just mated 2 bitches, puppies hopefully end of November 2018, black and white and maybe chocolate and white, These are the only litters we will have in the next 12 months. 

Terrabella is planning on keeping a bitch and possibly a dog. please contact us. we have oreders already.


Puppies may be available in late Autumn

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