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Terrabella Border Collies now live 6 kms out of Cowra on 9 acres after moving from our farm. My long suffering husband loves the dogs as I do and has shared my adventures. Most of my Border collies have been working dogs with both sheep and cattle and display wonderful herding instinct. Our dogs have settled into some wonderful homes achieving in all sorts of activities, especially being the wonderful family companion.





Our dogs are an intense part of our lives. They share our family events, our joys our holidays and our airconditioning!! 


Terrabella has always had a love of chocolate border collies, they are extremely intelligent loyal dogs. We would in the distance future like to produce a line of show quality chocolates..not an easy task and no quick fix..this will take us years if ever, however an adventurous project. We have a lovely chocolate girl here at present, heaps of brains and trainablity, we will train her on sheep, love her attitude and using our Black and whites over a long period hope to produce a chocolate pup to show as Europe and America are producing. One thing we do notice these are an amazingly intelligent line. Nothing like an adventure…so many colours in all collie breeds accepted world wide.  Australia is slow on the uptake or narrow minded, lets put the quality into the chocolates not just the colour….they have the brains….


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