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 RIP my beloved boy, you left us too early we sre still trying to cope with your death, you have given us so much for which we will be always grateful.


                         A dog with so much dignity”

Strider has been immortalized by a painting completed by John Silver in England. The painting was based on a magnificent photo taken by Edwina Beck, Border Pix n Art.


Strider was a once in a lifetime showdog. His wins included multi best in show and groups, Best of Breed 2007 and 2008 Sydney Royal and Best Of Breed Canberra Royal 2007. Strider was a gentle loving dog, a wonderful ambassador with the elderly, very young and disabled. He was my constant companion, a loyal and devoted dog, and a show winner. He was an amazing dog. To Nahrof Border Collies I thank you for my dear friend.


Yes he was a one in a million dog, looks, brains and an acceptance and love of all people.


His sons Lincoln and Charlie have his same laid back attitude, love people and will be a force to reckon with in the future!!



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