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Welcome to Terrabella Border Collies

Border collies are a breed with many attributes, first and foremost is temperament and hopefully our dogs have that number one, they can be companions, agility, obedience, fly ball, herding, working, dancing and show dogs. No one activity is more important than the next, it is an individual thing. We strive to breed beautiful companion dogs above all else. We are very conscientious of breed standards and health issues, our dogs are hip and elbowed scored and all pups sold are guarantedd never to suffer from TNS, CL and CEA. We show our dogs and have always been prepared to show our dogs against all in many different areas under local and international judges, but we work them with sheep as well. they are dogs first and foremost, and what we decide to do with them is a human attribute not the dogs, they just want our love and affection. So we want great homes for our dogs, not winning accolades.. though that is a bonus!!!!


We do not export to Asia so please don’t ask, we don’t wish to offend. No pups will be held without a deposit, that way we know you are really serious. Please, if you have questions talk to us.


Please come into our website meet our beautiful dogs and enjoy them as we do, without these dogs there would be no website and our lives would be very empty!

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